KNX Analog Input Output 0-10V


The I-Luxus 0…10V Module with 4 analog outputs can be used for 0-10V LED drivers for dimming operations or 0…10V operational valves for HVAC operations. It has 4 analog inputs, PT1000 sensors and 0…10V voltage connections are supported. Included 4 digital inputs, can be connected as dry contact.

Product Characteristics

  • 4 Analog output channels DC 0-10V
  • 4 Analog input channels
  • 4 Digital input channels
  • Dimming operations
  • HVAC operations
  • Configurable with ETS
  • Programming LED and buttons
  • KNX Bus LED
  • Sensor connections: PT1000 (Brightness, Temperature, Rain, Humidity,Wind, etc.)
  • Feedback operations (only in bus operation)
  • Easy installation to 35mm DIN Rail
  • Conformity with the CE


Connection Diagram

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