KNX Flush Mount Actuator with Digital+Analog Input


The device is a modular installation device (MDRC) which is used home and building automation systems. It is intended for installation in flush mounted box. Physical address assignment and parametrization are carried out with ETS. The device is supplied with KNX bus energy, does not need any additional power supply. The device is ready for operation after connecting the bus voltage.

Product Characteristics

  • 2 Relay Outputs (16A, 230VAC @50-60 Hz)
  • Lighting Function
  • Shutter&Blind Function
  • Heating Function
  • Operation as NO or NC Contacts
  • Timing Function: Switch On/Off Delay, Staircase and Flushing Functions
  • Working Hours Counter Function
  • Shutter Alarm Function
  • Shutter Automatic Sun Alarm Function
  • 2 Digital (Dry Contact) Inputs
  • 1 Analog Input
  • Sensor Connection: PT1000 or 0-10V Sensor
  • Logic Function
  • Scene Function
  • Data Type Converter Function
  • Configurable with ETS5
  • Programming LED and Button
  • Easy Installation to Flush Mounted Box
  • Conformity with the CE


Connection Diagram

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