KNX 16 Channel Multi Actuator 16A,with 12Digital Input
Snow1 Serie*

model: MM1-20-1612-11

MM1-20-1612-11 is a KNX compatible automation device that offers different usage purposes together. Manages lighting, shutter/blinds, fancoil, water, electricity and energy control like a Maesto.
Lights, Heating, Shutter/Blinds, Fancoil Controls. The multi switch actuator has 16 independent 16A switching relays and 12 binary inputs.
The outputs can be used individually via KNX for switching electrical loads or in pairs for controlling 230V AC roller shutter or blinds drivers (no electromechanically interlocking). The device features a manual operation, which can also be disabled. Via the manual operation the outputs can be operated manually and the switchng or driving status is displayed. The device is powered by KNX requires no additional power supply. Works as a binary inputs for connecting conventional push buttons or potential-free contacts.

Product Characteristics

  • 16 Output channels – 16A relay
  • 12 Digital Binary Input
  • Lighting / Switching Control functions
  • Shutter / Blinds Control
  • Fancoil controls
  • Wind Alarm for Shutter / Blinds
  • Logic function
  • Operation as NO or NC contacts per ETS configurable
  • Switching feedback (only in bus operation)
  • Switch position display
  • Outputs has bistable relay which allow keep last state.
  • Timing functions: switch-on delay and off delay and staircase, flashing function.
  • Conformity with the CE


Connection Diagram

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