KNX 3/6/9 CH Universal Interface

model: MM1-30-03-111

model: MM1-30-06-111

model: MM1-30-09-111

MM1-30-0x-111 device is a universal input/output device that can be used indoors. It detects the status of the contact which is connected via the colored cables (included in the box) and transmits the appropriate data type information to the KNX line. In output mode, the LEDs which are connected via colored cables can be turned on or off according to the information coming from the KNX line. The device is powered from the KNX line, so a separate power supply is not required for contact scanning or LED driving.

Product Characteristics

The device can perform contact scanning when energized. The device has up to 9 channels and each channel can be programmed as an input or an output. Input functions: Value Sender, Dimmer, Shutter, Counter. Permanent or classical type switches can be connected to each input, normally open or normally closed can be selected with active/passive feature. In permanent type contact connections, it is possible to get different data type information from different outputs for both states of the contact, and in normal or long press conditions in spring type switches. Both states of permanent type switches and normal or long press conditions of classical type switches information can be transmitted to KNX line with different data types.

  • 3 or 6 or 9 functional input channel
  • Each channel can program as an input or output.
  • Easy connection with colorful connection cables
  • LED output functionality for each channel
  • Possibility to incorporate dry contact data into the KNX line
  • Switching, dimming operation, blind/shutter, value, scene
  • Short-Long press operation
  • Debounce time selection
  • Easy installation to 60×60 mm universal mounting box
  • Configurable with ETS
  • Programming LED and button
  • Certified according to ISO 9001 and KNX
  • Conformity with the CE



38 x 41 x 14 mm

Connection Diagram

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