KNX 8 CH Universal Interface
NTC Input - LED Output


The MMElectro 8-Gang Push Button Interface designed to be used as an interface between KNX System and conventional switches or push buttons. Also device has functionality connect NTC Temperature sensor for each input. For the LED lights of conventional buttons, device has LED Output fucntionality with 5V-DC output. All these settings can done by KNX ETS Database parameters. Device is fully universal controller with digital input, temperature sensor input and LED output functionality.

Product Characteristics

  • 8 functional input channel
  • NTC Temperature Sensor support for all inputs
  • LED output with 5V-DC signal functionality is available for all input
  • Inputs can program as binary inpur or LED output or NTC Temperature Sensor 
  • Possibility to incorporate dry contact data into the KNX line
    Switching, dimming operation, blind/shutter, operation,
    scene, value, 2ch mode function
  • Short-Long press operation
  • Logic Gates, Converter, Lock Function
  • Easy connection with colorful connection cables
  • Easy installation to 60×60 mm universal mounting box
  • Configurable with ETS
  • Programming LED and button
  • Certified according to ISO 9001 and KNX
  • Conformity with the CE


Connection Diagram

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