EPHESUS KNX Room Controllers and Push Buttons have a stylish and simple design; Made of zamak alloy. The painting process is done with unique craftsmanship. Our devices, which are produced in two versions as double and quadruple, can be easily mounted on universal round or square plaster boxes.

Ephesus Room Controller Thermostats designed to control all functions, 
  • Lighting
  • Dimming
  • Shutter / Blind
  • HVAC (RTC Control)
  • Scene
  • Logic
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Constant Dimming with Integrated Brightness Sensor
  • and more…..
Ephesus Room Controller has:
  • LXT-202 – 2Gang Models (4Button)
  • LXT-204 – 4Gang Models (8Button)


  • 2 Independent Physical Button on each Gang
  • 4 Touch Button on the LCD, independent and freely programmable
  • Notification LEDs for each button
  • Brightness Sensor and Constant Lighting Control
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Ephesus Room Controller and Push Button Controllers can have printing icons or text as you wish. Laser printing or UV printing processes will both add a different ambiance to your space and provide easy use. Pretty much icon combinations will be helpful to design your printings.

Ephesus Room Controller (RTC) has more flexible to chose colors. The Classic colors are extremely suitable for your architectural design in your project. 

Ephesus Room Controller (RTC) has more flexible to chose colors. The Ephesus with pastel colors will add energy to your locations.


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