KNX Line / Area Coupler

model: MEC Tp

Used as KNX Line/Area Coupler, MECtp connects a main line and a subline to enable KNX communication between both KNX TP lines. Used as KNX Repeater, MECtp can also be used to extend an existing KNX TP line by adding segments. Filtering of group communication and physically adressed telegrams is configurable. Transmission of configuration telegrams from subline to main line can totally be switched off. Special functions to ease troubleshooting, to accelerate commissioning and to avoid unneccessary telegram traffic are additionally available.

Product Features / Benefits

  • various routing filter for group and individual telegrams
  • support of long telegrams
  • temporary disabling of routing filter via button
  • blocking of configuration on upper lines from sub line
  • multi colour LEDs show status information
  • various ACK and repetition settings
  • integrated ACK generator

Product Characteristics

  • KNX TP
  • Web front-end
  • Powered from main line
  • KNX-certified
  • ETS4 or higher
  • APDU length 240 bytes
  • DIN rail housing 2 SU
  • CE-compliant
  • Made in Europe

Connection Diagram

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