KNX Line Coupler

model: LK/S 4.2

The ABB i-bus® KNX Line Coupler LK/S 4.2 is a modular installation device with a module width of 2 space units. It is used as a line or area coupler or as a repeater. As a line coupler, the LK/S connects a line with a main line, as an area coupler it connects a main line with an area line. It provides electrical isolation in this way. In connection with ETS4, the main groups 14…31 can be filtered. The device supports long frames (from > ETS5) and KNX Data Secure communication. KNX Data Secure telegrams are processed, filtered, forwarded, or blocked depending on settings.

Product Characteristics

  • various routing filter for group and individual telegrams
  • support of long telegrams
  • temporary disabling of routing filter via button
  • blocking of configuration on upper lines from sub line
  • multi colour LEDs show status information
  • various ACK and repetition settings
  • integrated ACK generator


Connection Diagram

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