Daikin VRV KNX Gateway


Kbox-Dkn, monitor and control all functions of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners with the KNX automation system.

Kbox-Mitt Compatible with all Daikin VRV indoor units with P1 P2 port.

Kbox-Dkn can be installed inside the AC indoor unit of the Daikin air conditioner, one side is directly connected to the P1 P2 port of the AC indoor unit and the other side is directly connected to the KNX Bus.

Product Information

Kbox-Dkn is a KNX gateway that provides two-way data transmission between Daikin air conditioners and KNX smart home systems.

Kbox-Dkn makes it possible to control all the features of Daikin air conditioners using the KNX system. Kbox-Dkn, which exchanges two-way data between Daikin air conditioners and the KNX system, transmits instant temperature information to AC internal unit,  via internet-connected devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and KNX controllers.

The kbox-Dkn Daikin KNX gateway produces a variety of scenarios for situations such as power saving, timing, temperature limiting, and operating programming. This way, it does not impose an additional burden on the existing smart home system. It also provides energy performance due to instant data transmission based on the scenarios it generates.

The most significant difference between Kbox-Dkn and its competitors is that the interface transmits real-time temperature data from the KNX panel to the Daikin air conditioner, thereby stable operation, consistently comfortable ambient temperature, and energy efficiency.

Kbox-Dkn is the most efficient Daikin KNX gateway  available for a smart home, with unrivaled features.

Product Characteristics

  • The Kbox-Dkn device can provide bidirectional communication between Daikin VRV AC – KNX Bus.
  • Main functions: On/Off, operation mode, temperature control, fan level control, vane position control.
  • External temp sensor input.
  • Device has 3 digital input connections that can be integrated into the KNX line.
  • Possibility of control with 10 different scenarios.
  • Energy saving functions.
  • 10 functions defined as additional functions and 7 customizable logic functions for each function
  • 4 arithmetic operations
  • 6 different comparison processes
  • 3 different data type conversion
  • Conformity with the CE


Connection Diagram

Compatibility List

2-way blow ceiling mounted cassette FXCQ
4-way blow ceiling mounted cassette FXZA, FXZQ
Ceiling mounted corner cassette FXKQ
4-way blow ceiling mounted cassette FXUQ
Round flow ceiling mounted cassette FXFA, FXEQ, FXFQ, FXFSQ
Ceiling suspended unit FXHQ
Ceiling mounted build-in FXTQ
Slim concealed ceiling unit FXDA, FXDQ
Concealed ceiling unit FXYSP
Large concealed ceiling unit FXMQ
Inverter driven concealed ceiling unit FXSA, FXSQ
Concealed floor standing units FXNQ, FXLQ
Wall mounted units FXAA, FXAQ

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