KNX Multi Sensor 10Meter PIR Ceiling Mount

model: MM1-50-111-WH

mode: MM1-50-111-WH-BOX (Surface Mounting Box)

The device is a presence and movement detector designed for indoor use. 

It is used to switch and regulate the brightness level in dependence of movement/presence in lighting systems and/or HVAC systems. 

It is supplied directly from the KNX line without the need of any external power supply. It is suitable for installing flush and surface mounting (with the surface mounting box). 

Constant brigthness control can be done. It will transfer the data collected by the temperature and humidity sensors to the KNX line.

Product Characteristics

  • 10 meter detection area for 2.5m height
  • 12 meter detection area for 4m height
  • PIR detection technology
  • Brightness sensor (10…1000Lux)
  • Constant brightness control with internal brightness sensor
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Hvac system control outputs
  • Easy mounting flush mounting desing
  • With mounting box, devce can easy mount to Surface places. Surface Mounting Box Code : MM1-50-111-WH-BOX
  • Conformity with the CE


Detection Range

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