KNX Power Supply 640 mA Nightsky1 Serie*


MM KNX power supply is KNX system equipment that outputs DC 30V KNX. It has 640mA output power. With the notification led on the device, possible Overload usage on the KNX bus line can be seen.

Product Characteristics

  • 640 mA output current
  • Operating AC 150V – 275V @50-60 Hz
  • 2 Power Outputs:
    Output 1: Integrated KNX Choke (DC 30V,
    Output 2: External Auxiliary Supply
    Output (30V, SELV)
  • Short Circuit Protection for both outputs
  • Overload Protection for both outputs
  • 3 LED Indicators:
    • Left LED (Green): Power
    • Middle LED (Red): Overload or Short
      Circuit (Iout > 900 mA, LED is ON;
      Otherwise, LED is OFF)
    • Right LED (Red): Reset


Connection Diagram

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