Logic Machine5 Lite Power

model: LM5Lp2 (+ 10.000 point)

model: LM5Lp2SN (up to 3500 point)

LogicMachine (LM) Lite acts as cross-standard gateway, cloud service integrator, complex network logic engine, easy-to create visualization platform, IP Router and much more. Further, LM5 supports iOS Siri and Google Voice control via native apps available in App Store and Google Play.
LogicMachine 5 Lite is the basic module of all LogicMachine5 Reactor devices, so the difference if only in physical ports.

LM5 Lite is an embedded platform with integrated Ethernet, USB, KNX/EIB, Serial interfaces. LM allows to use it as cross-standard gateway, logic engine, visualization platform, IP Router. Scripting templates provides user-friendly, flexible configuration interface and integration with cloud/web services, 3rd party devices. Via applying custom scripts LM can simultaneously act as thermostat, security panel, lighting controller, etc. LogicMachine application store and external app development possibility allows to extend device functionality and adjust to a specific market segment

Product Characteristics

  • Power-over-Ethernet powering
  • Automatic Ethernet connection checking and informing in case of troubles
  • Application development and application store
  • Cloud ready device with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and other services supported
  • Gateway and uniform way of control of KNX, ModBus RTU/TCP, BACnet IP, DMX, M-Bus, GSM and more
  • Unlimited scenario and logic engine
  • Unlimited visualization platform for PC and for touch devices
  • Size: 3 DIN units
  • Remote KNX bus control and KNX device reprogramming
  • Object logging with trends support and data exporting to external servers
  • iOS Siri and Google Voice control supported via native apps
  • Logical functions
  • WEB SCADA visualization for PC and touch-devices
  • Cross-standard gateway
  • Integration with third party devices over USB, RS485 serial port, Ethernet – AV, IR, HVAC
  • Data logger with trends
  • KNX IP Router
  • Presence monitoring
  • Lighting regulation
  • Universal controller (lighting, shutter etc.)
  • Health/activity monitoring
  • Internet-of-Things
  • Cloud server/client

Supported Protocols

Demo Test

You are welcome to try demo of Logic Machine here:

Connection Diagram

Visualization Examples

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