Commercial Building Automation Solutions

A commercial building automation solution is an automation solution designed for commercial buildings basing on smart systems. It allows you to control and manage lighting, shading, HVAC, security system or more features in the building. For decades, HDL commercial building automation solutions are designed to deliver convenience, comfort and energy efficiency

Energy Saving

Energy used by commercial buildings is always a major concern.

Nowadays, the lighting and HVAC devices consume 70% of the

buildings electricity. But half of them are wasted due to inefficient

building management systems. With HDL commercial solutions,

the buildings reduce at least 30% consumption of power.


Due to the attributes of a commercial building, it is in a strong need of smart management. With HDL commercial building solutions, the management staff can centrally control all the devices in the building through a PC, wall panels or iOS/Android devices. Apart from centralized control, automatic control also can be a great help in improving efficiency.


Buildings can be considered our second skin since we spend almost

75% of our lives in one. The main idea is that a building should adapt

to people but not the other way around. For example, with logic

setting combining sensors running in the system, the buildings

will automatically keep brightness while making full use of natural

light, and the HVAC at the comfortable temperature, so as the air

quality effectively.

Safety & Security

A commercial solution can improve safety and security by integrating sensors and other devices. Commercial buildings particularly have the demand for safety and security systems, which can be configured with access control, security alarm systems, CCTV systems, etc. The management staff will receive a message when an intruder is detected.

Exhibition and Convention Complex

With a good flow of people and large areas, an exhibition and

convention complex has a high demand for high-intensity

lighting and excellent HVAC systems to guarantee the

exhibition going well. Therefore, it’s important to automated

an exhibition center for centralized control, automatic control, etc. 

City Complex​

As a large combination of buildings for various functions, a city complex

has to adopt automation solutions to at least facilitate management

and attract customers in public areas. With HDL solutions, you can

easily manage numerous lights covering multiple floorsand large areas.

You can create more possibilities for facade lighting and

landscape lighting.

Transportation Hub​

Modern transportation hubs, like airports and train stations are

paying more attention to building automation because

automation can simplify the management of their mega

buildings, reduce the workforce, save energy and even

make the terminal building or station building a better

place for passengers and other occupants


There are many ways that HDL automation solutions can

benefit offices. For example, HDL system can automatically

turn off lights, air-conditioners and other devices in an

empty room to save energy. The system can keep the

brightness at a constant range by automatically controlling 

ights and curtains. The occupants can focus on their work

without being distracted while using the least electricity for

lighting. is unoccupied, and return to their normal operational

state when approached by a guest or a member of staff.


Whether it’s a swimming pool, a gym, a spa, or a sauna,

HDL can create a smart hotel solution to automate

everything from water temperature to air conditioning.

Regardless of a hotel’s size or resources, HDL can design

a custom management system that increases both

guest comfort and energy efficiency.

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