KNX 12 Channel Mix Actuator with 12 Digital Input


The I-Luxus 12 Gang KNX Actuator with 12 digital dry contact inputs with LED display can be used switching, shutter/blind operations. HVAC functionality, fan coil control are supported.

Each channel can be have load till 16A CCharacteristic and AC 230V.

Product Characteristics

  • 12 Input channels
  • 12 Output channels for LXA – 112 – 16A
  • Lighting functions
  • Shutter / Blind functions (AC
  • 230V and DC
  • 24V motor control)
  • Wind / Rain / Frost Alarm functions for Blind / Shutter outputs
  • Fan coil functions for 2 pipes and 4 pipes systems
  • RTC, Room Controller Unit, Hvac operations
  • Data type converter operations(1Bit / 2Bit / 1Byte / 2Byte)
  • Logic function
  • Operation as NO or NC contacts per ETS configurable
  • Switching feedback (only in bus operation)
  • Switch position display
  • Outputs has bistable relay which allow keep last state.
  • Timing functions: switch-on delay and off delay and staircase, lighting function Integration into the light and blind / shutter scenes
  • Operating hours counter function, configurable via bus
  • Conformity with the CE


Connection Diagram

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